Business Certifications

Recent shifts in Government policy have placed an increase in emphasis on employing small businesses for public works contracts.  Accordingly, agencies have broadened the requirements to qualify as a small business, opening the doors to a number of new opportunities.  CTE, Inc. has provided services to State and local City/County government agencies since 1994, and these recent changes will allow us to provide services on a much wider scale.

CTE, Inc. has met extensive eligibility requirements and undergone thorough certification processes to proudly obtain their status as a Local Small Business Enterprise with both the State of California and City of San Diego.

City of San Diego – Small Local Business Enterprise (“SLBE”) Certification

Launched in July of 2011, the City of San Diego’s Small Local Business Enterprise Program allows small local businesses to better compete with larger firms when it comes to bidding on City of San Diego contracts.  The goal is to increase the level of participation on City contracts by smaller local businesses.

CTE, Inc. proudly wears it’s SLBE Certification.

California Dept of General Services (DGS) – Small Business Certification

The California Department of General Services (DGS) Small Business Certification offers a number of advantages for pursuing contracts, including a 5% bid preference and precedence over non-small business bidders on applicable State solicitations.  The Small Business Certification also allows prime contractors to utilize our 5% bid preference if they acquire our services for at least 25% of the net bid price on applicable contracts.

CTE, Inc. continues to wear it’s DGS Small Business Certification proudly.