Underground Utility Locating Services

utility markingCTE uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and radio conductive & inductive equipment to provide accurate utility locating services including: utility design & remodeling services, construction design services, positive utility location services for engineering (civil, utility & consulting), fault finding in electrical cables & underground shorts.  CTE also has the capability to locate water lines, plastic and metal such as copper and ductile iron, using radio transmitted, plastic water line locator, or ground penetrating radar.

CTE offers it’s underground utility locating & marking services in commercial construction settings, city & municipality, sub-contracted utility company servicing, schools, and even private construction applications.

Major Infrastructure Locating Projects

On large construction projects, CTE can locate the hard-to-find utilities that have been buried for years. Our technically advanced equipment and 30+ years of experience are the keys to our success. We locate all utilities.

Commercial Locating Projects

We provide underground utility locating services for engineering firms performing bore testing within and around buildings.

Residential Locating Projects

To keep a remodel project safe, call us before you dig. We will locate and flag underground utilities, pipes and irrigation systems to prevent costly mistakes.